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Father’s Day

It was a busy weekend in the kitchen as I whipped up some treats for my Dad and step-father and made a couple dips for “Fight Night” with the guys on Saturday.

This time we got to watch the UFC *live* in the afternoon, since the event was held in Ireland. We had a beautiful day here in the 80′s, and it was quite enjoyable that no one was struggling to stay awake until the usual 2 AM. (Actually, we’ve gotten around this by making it a habit to watch it the next day, observing a news blackout until then, so as not to reveal the results.)

Salsas are so fun to make. I experiment with different variations every time and let the flavors develop overnight. This one was on a tropical theme, with Captain Morgan’s rum and coconut extract giving it a nice sweet heat. To its left is the raw-ba-ghanoush that I had first tried myself last month.

When my Mom and step-dad returned home from an afternoon enjoying the outdoors on Sunday, I made a special delivery of his favorite peanut butter pie, just in time for their dessert. For the crust, a raw mocha creation served as the partner in a classic pairing.

My Dad will have to wait a little longer for his goodies. He now lives in North Carolina, so I shipped him some raw chocolate truffles.

5 Responses to “Father’s Day”

  1. Valerie says:

    What a good son you are fixing raw goodies for your folks. Captain Morgan’s Rum? Not that’s an ingredient you don’t find in a lot of raw recipes. A+ for creativity. Keep blogging!

  2. 'River' says:

    Erin, these goodies look absolutely irresistible! Apart from the sweets, I also have to say that my mouth watered at the sight of your salsa. I must experiment!

    On a similar note – experimenting, I mean – I should say that I have been terribly slow in trying any new recipes this last couple of weeks :( Computer work – and a lot of work in the kitchen – has been off bounds while my old ‘war wound’ (read back and shoulders) acted up yet again. However, there are a couple of things from your _Vegan
    Done Light_ that I have happily tried – and more to come. If you can forgive the poor photography, you can see my attempts here:

    Thanks so much for the wonderful recipes!

    Huge hugs and love, ‘River’/Pat

  3. Erin says:

    Thank you both so much! Pat, I think your pics are great. And what a review. Where’s that blushing emoticon when you need it? Ah well, this guy will have to do -> :)

  4. Arturo Veve says:

    Hi Erin
    I’m back online!! My computer at home is set up. Yay. So, I can’t remember if this peanut butter pie is one in theh book you published. If it isn’t, I imagine you’re planning this recipe for the next version, eh? I love peanut butter.

  5. Erin says:

    Welcome back to the digital realm. Yes, the peanut butter pie is in Vegan Done Light. I made a second one for myself too. Shhh… ;)

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