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a tale of two weekends

It somehow feels like the holiday season has not ended here yet, as far as food is concerned. For example, last weekend, I hosted another UFC fight night (actually afternoon, as we now watch it the next day via the internet). Lots of our standards: hummus, homemade tortilla chips and salsa, veggies, and baba ganoush. Of course, we made them all healthy and low-fat (no tahini in the hummus and no olive oil in the baba), but it sure wasn’t a CR day. I finished off the salsa in a “pasta” dish the next day, adding roasted vegetables and porcini mushrooms.

Oh yeah, I also offered up a plate of my still-under-development chocolate fudge brownies. (Scott, no giving away the secrets.) They were so good everyone had seconds, and one even had thirds! To top it all off, they’re gluten free.

Speaking of which, that experiment continues. I was so pleased to receive confirmation from Lewis Labs that their Brewer’s Yeast, which I use daily, is gluten free. And Anheuser-Busch has introduced a sorghum beer, Redbridge, across the country. Of course, GF beers already existed, but availability is limited.

My favorite “Gluten Freedom Fighters”

This weekend I competed in a chess tournament. I’ve mentioned before how I always allow myself several hundred extra calories in snacks to provide additional fuel for the demands of the games. Lunch and dinner during the tourney consisted of a yellow split pea soup made the night before in the slow cooker with half an onion, a habanero pepper, and an ounce of Just Hot Veggies. I don’t gain weight from these indulgences; it turns out chess burns a lot of calories! Well, my nutrition software says it’s only 33 calories per hour, but I don’t believe it. Besides, each game is at least two to four hours long. So, if you’re ever laid up in bed and unable to exercise, just grab a book of mate-in-three problems. LOL.

When will the gluttony end? Give me until after Valentine’s Day. I don’t have a special someone with whom to share chocolate decadence, but that won’t stop me. Coworkers beware! ;)

7 Responses to “a tale of two weekends”

  1. April says:

    Where are you anyway? Cause if you want to make some vegan treats and bring them over here, I’m sure I can come up with some nice vegan CR’d entrees to go with them…

    Philadelphia, PA. Easily accessible by public transit from everywhere.


  2. Erin says:

    Thanks, April. I’m sure we’d have a great meal. I live in NH. Check out our cold weather on the right-hand side of my main blog page. We’re due for a Nor’easter on Valentine’s Day, so that could be a blessing, as I’ll bring my chocolate creation in to work on Tuesday instead and get back on track all the sooner. :)

  3. Steffie says:

    I read your comment about GF beers and stuff, are you a celiac too?

  4. Erin says:

    Well, my blood tests came back negative, but I’m not convinced there isn’t at least some sensitivity, so I’m acting as though it were the case, for now.

  5. Nina says:

    How many tournaments do you play in? I spend a lot of time at chess tourneys with my 9 yo DS. This weekend is is the USATE in Parsippany, NJ – we’re lucky because we’re only minutes from home. I’ve been busy deciding what to pack for snacks and lunch.

  6. Erin says:

    There are about three chess tournaments each year in which I make sure to compete. And I try to throw in a couple more, especially the one-dayers. For more snack ideas, check out the archived posts in the chess category.

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