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collard wraps

These pictures don’t do justice to this favorite. Raw collard greens are so delicious and make for sturdy wraps in place of the standard high-carb, grain-based options.

With all my recent trips to the farmers’ markets, I’ve really come to appreciate eggplant. I like to simply fry the rounds with onions, garlic, and peppers. For this wrap, I laid them out on the collard leaves and added scallions, basil (or is that sage?), tomatoes, and hot sauce. It looks like this particular incarnation also has tempeh and maybe mushrooms in there. :)

It is, it is tempeh! LOL. This one has chunks of mango instead of tomato. Other common fillings at my house include seitan and split pea curries, though with the latter romaine wraps work better, as they provide just that much more crispiness to offset the softer interior.

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