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more local fare

I hit up a different farmers’ market on Monday, taking advantage of the computers being down at work to take off a little early. And what a beautiful, seventy degree day it was. This one is in the middle of my old University stomping grounds. (You know you’re getting older when all the college students look like they’re fourteen!)

The yellow tomatoes are known as peach tomatoes and indeed have a fuzzy exterior. Most of the striped ones are called, appropriately enough, zebra tomatoes. There’s another kind there too, but I forget what he said it was.

Then there’s a Japanese eggplant, some pattypan squash, and other varieties. (Nothing so simple as a baby summer squash, as I had guessed. Sorry, their names elude me too.)

Let’s see, we have leeks, which I had actually never tried before, a mesclun blend, beets, red potatoes, broccoli, yellow and red onions, hot peppers, a huge bunch of basil with roots attached (sadly, on its way out), and a couple corn on the cob.

Eggplant with a half peck of apples. Those are McIntosh apples in the back and two Cortlands up front.

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