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lunch with a friend

On Saturday, I had a friend over, ostensibly so we could prepare for an upcoming one-day chess tournament. We didn’t get much study in, but we did share a healthy impromptu meal, a beer, and good conversation.

Earlier in the week, as we planned our get-together, I asked what he wanted for lunch. He insisted anything I made would be delicious. Aw, shucks. :)

He then offered to bring ingredients to help. So, I turned it around and suggested he pick up any veggies he might feel like on that particular day, and we’d whip up something on-the-fly. His contributions: butternut squash and a good local beer. Sweet!

It must have been good, because by the time I got the camera out, after serving him first, he had already eaten most of the roasted squash, made with my favorite 3 C’s: cinnamon, cumin, and a touch of chipotle. Not only that, he self-consciously rolled over his corn to show the most uneaten side. LOL. :D

The meal consisted of a mild, yet flavorful, Indian dahl made with yellow split peas, corn on the cob, the aforementioned roasted butternut squash, and a salad of mustard greens with balsamic vinegar. We got a few laughs from the absolutely stunning sinus-clearing abilities of the raw greens, like that of good wasabi at a Japanese restaurant.

Here are the numbers. Aside from the beer, a relatively low-cal, yet nutritious and hearty meal.

yellow split peas23016
corn on the cob782
butternut squash601
mustard greens141
12 ounce beer1451

(*) tomato puree, onions, peppers, and
Smart Balance Light Buttery Spread with Flax Oil

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