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split pea banana bread

I returned from my vacation to a couple beautifully ripe bananas begging to be made into bread. Instead of your standard, high-calorie recipe, however, I sought to invent a healthy, flour-free, no-sugar-added banana bread.

I am proud of the results:

Get the recipe in Vegan Done Light.

This was so good and good for you. A high-protein, relatively low-calorie treat. A quarter of the loaf (a serving size you’d hardly consider with a flour-based bread) comes in at approximately:

calories 260
carbs 45 g
fiber 11 g
protein 14 g

By the way, the pictured slices are an eighth of the loaf, so you get two of those in the above proposed serving size. What a deal.

5 Responses to “split pea banana bread”

  1. Stephanie says:

    This sounds so delicious. I am a celiac, so I have an intolerance to gluten products (wheat, oats, barley, malt, rye and spelt) so making a vegan & gluten-free bread has been impossible (I’m always looking for recipes, but still haven’t found one) but I can actually eat this one *yay* Do you think lentils could be used in place of the split peas?

  2. zenpawn says:

    So glad to hear this recipe may help in your gluten-free diet. Absolutely, lentils would work, as they also cook easily to a mash. I hope you enjoy it.

  3. Nikki says:

    This looks awesome. As I’m on the Eat 2 Live plan, I think this would do nicely for me, and I have an abundance of both lentils and overripe bananas (go figure!).

  4. Stephanie says:

    Thanks Zenpawn, I’m defiantly gonna make this next week (I have to wait for my bananas to ripen :)

  5. Dori says:

    This is the weirdest idea I have ever seen! Weird in a good way that is… I don’t want to make my first visit to your blog an insulting one. I am just the kind of person who sees weird and says, I gotta try that someday. You have some very lovely and unique food happening over here. Glad I stopped by. Oh I came here via another blog.

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