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butternut chana balls

I made these for lunch on Saturday, served in romaine “wraps” with fresh tomato slices and topped alternately with homemade plum-chipotle or banana-tahini hot sauces.

Get the recipe in Vegan Done Light.

3 Responses to “butternut chana balls”

  1. Courtney says:

    These look great! I can’t wait to try them!


  2. melody says:

    Those look great! I love these types of things wrapped in lettuce…

    btw, I got my starter and have my first batch of tempeh in the oven! I used Okara… we’ll see how it turns out. I’m not feeling too optomistic, because I think it may have been too wet… but we’ll see..

  3. Scott says:

    This looks really, really good. Maybe we can whip this up next time I come up (the 26th or sooner hopefully)? And for the 26th, if I get a chance (with working this oddball shift) I am gonna try to bring a meatless chop suey (we will have to go over the ingredients beforehand to make sure it is vegan!) Butternut squash looks like a winner in this concotion, I give it a ten out of ten before I even try it.

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