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I had a couple friends over yesterday, with one coming an hour or more earlier than the other. So, as dinner-time approached, he got to make the meal choice. I offered to cook anything he wanted and threw him Vegan With A Vengeance (with the threat of pulling out more cookbooks). Spotting the “pizzas and pastas” chapter in the table of contents, he exclaimed, “Pizza!” Turns out he had been thinking of pizza on the way over.

I didn’t bother with any fake cheeses. I don’t buy the commercial kind, and without having experimented too much with the nutritional yeast versions, didn’t want to foist them upon my friends. A cheeseless pizza did not phase him at all, so the decision was made.

It came out great, and when our other friend arrived, he was quite pleased as well. Unfortunately, we scoffed it down in record time, and I didn’t realize until after that I hadn’t taken a picture.

Sooo… I had to make it again today. LOL.

Same toppings as yesterday: a homemade, chunky, tomato-basil sauce; onions; garlic; jalapenos; mushrooms; broccoli; and zucchini. All on a whole wheat crust that received many accolades. Yay! :)

I like mine with a liberal showering of red pepper flakes. (Actually, so did they.)

4 Responses to “pizza!”

  1. Wow Erin! Great new template and EVEN BETTER looking pizza! I have to remind myself to do some as well! The veggie choice is very fitting my tastebuds as well!

  2. Arturo Veve says:

    Hi Erin, I was curious if you were going to post what you served for a July the 4th picnic. Pizza sounds quite patriotic and your version is quite healthy. Cheers. Arturo

  3. Scott says:

    Erin, that pizza looks good, and I know it tastes good. Next time we get together, lets do it again, only a bigger pizza. Maybe we try something new. anyway, I also wnat to bring you some of my Mom’s meatless chop suey at some point… Scott

  4. Erin says:

    Thanks everyone. Scott, I’m definitely up for making this again when you visit next! :)

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