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qalming quinoa

My entry for the quinoa contest at The Vegan Club:

Quinoa, pronounced “keen-wa,” is a cute curly-Q of a grain with a slightly nutty taste and a soft, yet chewy texture. It is often touted as the only grain with a complete protein profile. Of course, this is now merely trivia as the importance of food combining (say, rice and beans) has become an artifact of vegetarian nutrition. Not to mention that botanically it’s not even really a grain, but rather the fruit of an herb! :)

This quick breakfast spotlights the contrasting colors of the traditional cream-colored quinoa with the vibrant Inca Red variety. It is intentionally left light and simple so the subtle flavors of the quinoa can be appreciated. A great, mellow way to start the day.

1/8 cup dry traditional quinoa
1/8 cup dry Inca Red quinoa
1/2 banana [other half optional]
1 cup soy yogurt [optional]
2 teaspoons flax seed oil [optional]

Prepare the quinoa in separate vessels as instructed on the package. This takes about 15 minutes. Mash half the banana into the traditional quinoa. Plate as shown above.

Alternatively, enjoy in my usual one-bowl way, all mixed together. Drizzle with a little flax seed oil. Top with soy yogurt, dusted with cinnamon, and the remaining banana, sliced.

6 Responses to “qalming quinoa”

  1. Erin it looks amazing!!! Cannot believe how simple it is and how stunning it looks in the Yin Yang shape! How did you manage to get so clear cuts?
    I cannot wait to cook it myself: very likely I will eat it in the second preparation method!!!

  2. Erin says:

    Thank you so much! You want to know my secret, eh? :) O…K… LOL.

    I packed it into an English muffin ring, using a folded up piece of tinfoil as the divider.

  3. melody says:

    Wow! Sooo artistic and creative. Looks tasty too.

  4. Wow, that looks very comforting and nourishing.

  5. Dori says:

    This is really neat! Reminds me of my dog (link to pix)…

    I just saw some of that red quinoa for the first time at a health food store I visited today.

  6. Virginie says:

    You’re right, a good day is beginning with this breakfast. It’s funny, as my beakfast usually contains banana, soya yogurt and grinded raw and wild millet, instead of quinoa (plus other seeds, dried fruits and sprouted german wheat, and B12, I think that’s all…). I’ll taste your version, with quinoa and cinnamon, to give a change.

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