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yogurt vs v-day

Saturday was a vegan day. I’ve recently been experimenting with eliminating dairy and eggs from my diet one day a week. Making the switch permanently would be no easy feat for this yogurt and kefir fanatic, but I figure I can do it once a week (especially after reading Joel Fuhrman’s Eat To Live). It’s actually kind of fun this way. And who knows, if I get up the guts to read The China Study, which now sits in my future-reading stack, I could really be in for it. :)

Of course, I feel it pretty dramatically in my breakfast. As you know, that’s when I have my protein smoothie with yogurt. On the other hand, I get to make a nice hearty hot cereal with ground flax seeds and the same fruits as in my smoothie (a banana and berries). Delicious.

My after-dinner dessert of yogurt mixed with a diced apple or peach and topped with some cereal or granola — another usual — also suffers. In lieu of this exquisite textural medley, I have taken to spreading some crunchy peanut butter on the fruit. Works for me; you can’t go wrong with peanut butter!

Next vegan day, I’ll share a main meal idea born of these experiments.

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