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WWCC08: Defending Women’s World Champ Out

Thursday, September 4th, 2008

Round 3 started today with some great fighting games. But, before we look at my favorite, FIDE’s Round 2 Bulletin is ready for download. In it, you’ll read about the surprise upset of the current Women’s World Chess Champion, Xu Yuhua, by Svetlana Matveeva.

I’m really impressed with these PDFs FIDE is putting together, full as they are of pictures, interviews, and all the games, including tiebreaks.

OK, so back to the round at hand. 50% of the games were decisive, the victors being Hou Yifan (the only player with a perfect score), Anna Ushenina, Pia Cramling, and Antoaneta Stefanova.

However, you won’t find the most exciting game among them. Believe it or not, in my opinion, the feature battle today had to be the draw between Alexandra Kosteniuk and Tatjana Kosintseva.

Definitely gutsy play by Kosteniuk, if not completely sound. She kept up the pressure though and landed another shot with Nxe5 that enabled her to save the game. Fun stuff.

Serious chess. Serious fun!