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Women’s World Chess Championship – Round 1.2

Saturday, August 30th, 2008

Allow me to correct an assumption I made yesterday. The rounds aren’t split, after all. Rather, they consist of single-elimination mini-matches.

Regarding the US women, Irina Krush indeed appears not to be playing, and so Elena Sedina (2344) of Italy advances “in a walk,” as they’d say in tennis. And the reason I couldn’t find Anna Zatonskih’s games is because she was similarly declared the winner of her first round match due to the absence of her scheduled opponent, Tea Bosboom Lanchava (2358) of the Netherlands.

The game I’m choosing today is Elizabeth’s Paehtz’s recovery from yesterday’s debacle. They now go into tiebreaks tomorrow, consisting of a series of mini matches at accelerating pace (2 rapid games, followed, if needed, by 2 blitz) capped off by an Armageddon game, should all else fail.

Serious chess. Serious fun!