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NH’s Top 10 – April 2008

Monday, June 30th, 2008

New Hampshire’s Top Ten Chessplayers, as reported in the latest issue of the “NH Chess Journal,” based on the April 2008 rating list:

  1. GM Joshua Friedel 2531
  2. FM Braden Bournival 2393
  3. IM Joseph Fang 2373
  4. NM Hal Terrie 2200
  5. Christopher Belcher 2116
  6. Robert Cousins 2093
  7. Isaac Saidel-Goley 2070
  8. Sheriff Khater 2046
  9. Clay Bradley 2030
  10. Noah Belcher 1979

Where am I? 16th at 1926. However, my 2073 performance at the NH Open, from which I gained seventeen points, should help. And, since Josh doesn’t live in the state anymore, it’s only fair to reveal the 11th spot, who could rightly be considered #10: Parker Montgomery 1975.

Chess Master

Thursday, May 22nd, 2008

That’s the goal. :)

Seriously though, I’ve been plateaued at Class A forever now.  For a brief moment in time, I was able to call myself an Expert.  That was nice; non-chessplayers understand and attach meaning to a rank with a real name versus some letter.

Whether I ever make Master officially, as a young teen I was, at least in the minds of my classmates.  “ChessMaster” was my nickname to many of them.  Ah, to be a big fish in a little pond.  ;)

As it is, I probably play in tournaments too infrequently.  It gets to be an expensive game with the travel costs, hotel, and large entry fees.  Not to mention the stacks of books, most barely cracked.  That’s the bibliophile and hoarder in me.  But, I have a suspicion I’m not alone. True?

While this is my first post here, I’ve been writing off and on about chess over at my vegan food blog. It’s just that I finally decided to split them up. You can read the chess-related posts here.

Serious chess. Serious fun!