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Just testing out the Embed Chessboard WordPress Plugin with this post. For your viewing pleasure, “all” eleven games of the 2008 World Chess Championship between Kramnik and Anand which saw the latter winning by a score of 6.5-4.5.


What do you think (both about the match and plugin)? How’s this player compare to some of the others I’ve used in the past? (Next time, I’ll try it with some annotated games, assuming it can handle them.)

EDIT: Now that I’ve published this, I can see it leaves an ugly amount of space when you have a list of games queued up. I’m guessing it uses the longest game to carve out a spot for the Javascript.

EDIT2: Even worse, it also turned out to be a little flakey, sometimes not displaying at all, other times taking forever to load. I may try it one more time yet, but just with a single annotated game. We’ll see.

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One Response to “Embed Chessboard Plugin”

  1. pgn4web says:


    I’m the author of the embed chessboard plugin.

    Look at the tutorial here:

    Among other things, you’ll see that you can control the height of the chessboard frame using the height=789 parameter, such as:
    [pgn height=567] e4 e6 d4 d5 [/pgn]
    So, you can actually control the ugly amount of white space left at the bottom, with scrollbars automatically appearing if you dont leave enough.

    About the flakeyiness, I’m afraid that depends on you hosting provider.
    The plugin is just pulling a javascript file, bitmaps and fonts from the web server where your blog is delivered from.
    Otherwise, open the page with firefox and let me know of any messages from the firefox “Error Console”.

    Good luck!

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